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yeh mera india:

india is a beautiful country with its diverse cultures, distinct dialects and rich historical past that makes india a land of natural beauty and breathtaking vista.
because of its vibrant and deep rooted heritage and traditions, this vast country offers plethora of products which are distinct to each region and state. these items are artifacts, accessories, embellishments and finery, food items etc., gives india its uniqueness and magnificence. 

buy india buy (bib): our uniqueness: get indian, buy indian

buy india buy (bib) a vertical of trios retail, is an innovative online shopping site which offers the elegance of legacy of every corner of india. buy india buy is an upcoming online shopping destinations, quickly becoming tab of the hand !
get your hands on those vibrant ghaghras from gujarat or those colorful authentic mojaris from rajasthan.
get a taste of the tasty sattu preparations, aam papad from south india, the now famous bikaneri bhujia from bikaner, the tea-time chakli from maharastra, ghever from rajasthan, punukkulu from andhra pradesh etc.

live a vibrant life and be in good health with the various herbal extracts like amla, jamun extract, pure karela drink etc., which have potent medicinal properties are also available.
so pick up one of those ‘warli’ painting from maharastra, or an authentic 'chanderi' saree from madhya pradesh or get hooked on the 'spices' from coorg and many such varieties and choices that will make you sing praises.
bib - shop of india is a unique shopping destination which offers to its buyers original products sourced from all corners of india.

specific focus: ethnicity and culture:

proud of each state’s own inimitable memorabilia, whether it is an accessory, paraphernalia, or a keepsake, we offer it all. while our love for our nation and its original products and heritage is priceless, the indigenous products we offer are value for money.

unique creations sourced from genuine craftsmen:

sourced from genuine vendors who have the matchless art of craftsmanship, timeless creations like handmade jewelry, bhandini from rajasthan and phulkari from punjab and many more, with their intricate design and flawless product, are brought to you by bib.

cool comforts:

what fun it is to window shop from the cool comforts of your home or wherever, browsing through the endless options of ethnicity offered to you.
but we offer you more than varieties of products and innumerable choices…

gifting options:

gifts – so you want to present a gift…don’t worry, you simply select your gift, and give us a chance to wrap your presents with love and care for you, and deliver at the location you want.

so - go indian buy indian. your very own shop of india.. buy india by (bib)

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