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15 Sep 5 dry fruits that are packed with incredible benefits
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dry fruits are enriched with nutritious elements. they are healthy and tasty snacking options for everybody. the fibrous structure of dry fruits can satiate your hunger in between meals. you do not ne..
15 Sep 10 highly addictive snacks that you can munch throughout the day
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an addiction is known to leave negative impact on people. however, the addiction to indian namkeens offers great taste with the benefits of cereals, nuts or beans and spices. the spices, such as black..
02 Aug kamdhenu Cow - The Sacred Symbol of Hinduism
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the sacred vedic scriptures define kamdhenu as the ‘mother of all cows’. this bovine goddess is also known as ‘surabhi’. she is believed to fulfil every worldly wish of her worshipper. she is also bel..
02 Aug Indian “ethnic” wardrobe essentials
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indian ethnic wear displays the essence of vibrant and versatile indian culture. the fusion of colors and designs represent the core belief of india - ‘unity in diversity’. the fabrics are versatile i..
11 Jan 12 best Indian namkeens - we can’t live without
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the tasty, mouth-watering and crunchy ‘namkeens’ or salted snacks are daily essential foods in indian households. indian salted snacks have earned the favor of global customers due to their unique mix..
11 Jan The Different positions of Buddha Statues
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siddhartha gautama was born in nepal in 6th century b.c. to a large clan known as shakyas. siddhartha's father was the leader of this clan. the prince of shakyas became curious about human sufferings ..
11 Jan kutch embroidery bag - perfect for the casual comfy look
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the origins of kutch embroidery date back to 17th century in gujarat. people from afghanistan, germany, greece, iraq and iran had migrated to gujarat around this time and their traditional sewing patt..
11 Jan worshipping your deity with pure pooja items
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indians are known for worshipping many gods as per their faiths. they use multiple types of pooja items to offer prayer to their respective deities and you can easily buy these pooja items online. thi..
11 Jan mouth-watering peanuts from royal shing junagadh
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the fantastic salted peanuts available from junagadh retain the high quality and freshness of the region of origin. the health benefits associated with groundnut and related oil is popular. regular co..
11 Jan women - many roles, one word
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a picture is worth a thousand words, they say,  but there is one word, which is worth a thousand pictures. woman. the moment you say this, you see a daughter, a mother, a wife, a sister, a working pro..
11 Jan chinakkathoor pooram - a festival of elephants, traditional art & folk performances
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the chinakkathoor pooram is held every year at the sree chinakkathoor bhagavathy temple, at palappuram in the district of palakkad in north kerala. the attention of the festival and the foremost highl..
11 Jan gudi padwa - ugadi | a celebration of a new beginning
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gudi padwa ( गुढीपाडवा ) is as well as known as samvatsar padwa. it is chiefly known by the hindus, balinese, mauritius to celebrate new year. it’s a one day celebration by the hindus predominantly. i..
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